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College Admissions & Financial Counseling

College Admissions Counseling

College Admissions Services

Initial Consultation

  • The initial consultation is 30 minutes and free of charge, consisting of an in-depth, in-person interview with the student and the student's family. The consultation includes a discussion about the student's goals, interests and plans for college and career. Danielle will also focus on what the student and family plan to accomplish through college admissions counseling, as well as how individual factors in the student’s life (academic record, standardized test scores, activities, etc.) will be evaluated by college admissions officers. Both the student and family members are encouraged to ask questions and provide input during the consultation so they understand the process that lies ahead.

  • After the consultation, the student and family will receive a report outlining the goals discussed during the initial meeting, as well as a proposed strategic plan and timeline for the admissions process tailored for the student.

  • It is recommended that students in grades 9–10 use approximately 5–10 consulting hours per year to adequately organize schedules, goals, and plans for junior and senior years. Ideally, most guidance hours occur during the summer of junior year and fall of senior year. 

Services Included:

College Research Guidance & College List Development

  • Development of comprehensive research reports for five colleges of

       interest, as well as evaluation of colleges’ retention rates, academic

       programs, cost, size, location, and other critical factors.

Transcript Assessment & Course Selection Assistance

  • Evaluation of student’s current academic record, including strengths,

       weaknesses, and areas for improvement.


Personal Statement & College Essay Assistance

  • Guidance and assistance in helping the student write and edit all

       supplemental application materials. Includes assistance in determining college essay topics and how to write an effective essay.    


Resume/Activity List Development

  • Assistance with developing a resume or activity list that effectively demonstrates the student’s skills, activities, awards, and accomplishments.


College & Scholarship Application Assistance

  • Guidance and assistance in helping the student complete all college and scholarship applications, as well as a schedule of application deadlines for colleges of choice. 


Standardized Test Planning (SAT/SAT Subject Tests/ACT)

  • A detailed plan to determine which standardized tests (SAT and ACT) are most suitable for the student, as well as a recommended timetable focused on the student’s individual needs and test scores.


College Major Selection/Career Decision-Making Guidance

  • Guidance with helping the student determine which potential college major best suits his or her interests and goals for both college and career.


Evaluation of Extracurricular Activities

  • A comprehensive review of the student’s activities, interests, and passions along with an assessment about how these factors will influence the student’s profile for college admissions. Includes a list of recommended opportunities and resources to fit student’s interests. 





Financial Aid Planning & College Cost Assessment Services

FAFSA & CSS Profile Assistance

  • One-on-one assistance with both types of financial aid forms, as well as preparation of key documents required for both applications.

The College Cost Reality Check ©

  • In-depth assessment of student’s future college financial situation, including:

    • Projection of total loans student will acquire over the course of college.

    • Projection of student loan monthly payments after student graduates.

    • Analysis of student’s projected monthly income based on major selected

                (if decided) versus the student’s post-graduation expenses, such as student

                loan monthly payments.

  • Analytical comparison of the above, along with projection of financial impact

    of student’s college choices (up to 3 colleges maximum).

  • Projection of Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and Realistic Family

    Contribution (RFC)

Loan Evaluation Services

  • Comprehensive overview of loan options available to the student, as well as

      repayment options.


Federal & State Grants/Scholarship Eligibility

  • Assistance with determining grant and scholarship opportunities based on student eligibility.

Analysis & Comparison of Awards/Appeal of Awards

  • Comprehensive evaluation of student’s awards, as well as assistance with appeal letters if needed.


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