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PrepStart performance.

"Danielle is a person of high moral character, who operates with integrity. She is hard working, dedicated, and never leaves a job unfinished. Danielle is honest, kind, and highly principled. In addition to those personality traits, she is organized, efficient, and detailed oriented. Being a retired high school guidance counselor, I am aware of the qualities required to successfully guide high school students in the college admissions process and believe Danielle is extremely qualified in this field."

Dominic Telesco, former Lake Shore high school guidance counselor

“I would highly recommend Danielle for any position or help you would consider needing with a career. She is prompt and thorough. In addition to the skills of a traditional career advisor, Danielle brings an unprecedented knowledge of social media to the table with her work, being able to judge how an individual’s presence on social media or lack thereof can and will affect their career and job search. I’m grateful for the help that Danielle has given me so far.”

Elliot Raimondo, SUNY Buffalo law student

"Danielle is a very conscientious person, brings considerable energy to the tasks at hand, and inspires her students to do their best. She is professional, intelligent, and has excellent writing and communication skills. She is well versed in the college application process and the essays that play such an important role in that process. She is thorough and efficient in her efforts, and flexible with a busy teen’s schedule. I would highly recommend her for any family that has a student about to embark on the college application process.”

Susan Kreppel, parent

"Danielle has been a tremendous resource to the Employment Services Program at The Salvation Army Buffalo Area Services. To date Danielle has delivered two significant seminars on the importance of one’s Personal Brand and how it relates to job search, social media presence, and market place/ community reputation. Danielle’s professional yet easy going delivery style allows her message to be impactful and thought provoking. Her inclusive and interactive content encourages participation and bridges the audiences wide ranging demographic. I recommend Danielle wholeheartedly for any audience who wishes to explore personal/professional branding, social media presence, and market development.”

Christina Schweitzer, WLCP, Director of Employment Services, Salvation Army


"Danielle was an amazing help with revising both my resume and cover letter! Not only did she help with the layout and content, but she provided me with samples to guide my revisions. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to perfect their professional materials. Her expertise and advice will definitely set you apart from the other candidates!"

Chelsea DiMarco, Xavier University senior


"Danielle gave me extremely helpful guidance and advice during my job hunt. Being a millennial herself, she made everything so relatable. Danielle made me comfortable enough to ask any questions I had, and her answers made me feel more confident in my next steps towards finding the job I wanted."

Emily Mahaney, SUNY Oswego graduate '13


Danielle, on her own time and accord, served as a guest speaker in my COM 336: Web Publishing and Social Media class. The students were taking their paper resumes and transcribing them to an interactive format. Danielle offered a structured and poignant lecture on what employers are seeking as well as potential issues young jobseekers may encounter. The students were attentive, engaged and most of all, highly impressed with her content, delivery and poise. Danielle's expertise is an asset to any audience she presents to, but it is especially salient to the high school student all the way through the recent college graduate. I wholeheartedly endorse PrepStart Consulting for anyone serious about moving strategically through life.

Jack Karlis, Ph. D., Buffalo State Professor


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