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Internship and Career Counseling

College Admissions Counseling
Initial Consultation
  • The initial consultation is 30 minutes and free of charge, consisting of a one-on-one interview with the student and family (optional). During the consultation, Danielle will assess the student’s professional needs and goals, and discuss an appropriate course of action to help the student pursue the type of professional experience he or she desires.

  • After the consultation, the student will receive a report outlining the professional goals discussed, as well as a proposed strategic plan of action tailored for the student.  


  • Number of hours will vary by student. 

Resume & Cover Letter Development

  • Assistance with developing a resume and cover letters that effectively demonstrate the student’s experience accomplishments and demonstrate how student is suitable to work in a specific job or industry.

Portfolio Development

  • Assistance with developing a professional portfolio that effectively demonstrates the student’s background, skills, and abilities.

Interview Preparation

  • Tailored practice interviews and strategies to help the student prepare for the interviewing process. Includes guidance on non-verbal communication, how to dress, and how to follow up with an interviewer.


Internship/Job Search and Career Exploration Guidance & Tools

  • Guidance and instruction to help the student determine the most suitable professional experience for his or her goals and background, as well as tools to help find opportunities that fit his or her interests.


Internship/Job Application Assistance

  • Guidance and assistance in helping the student complete internship and job applications.


Professional Networking Instruction

  • Guidance and instruction on how to effectively network to enhance professional identity and career prospects. Includes instruction with both in-person and online social networking.




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